About us


»To inculcate values among teachers in Indian context.

»To strive for the achievement of equity, access and quality in teacher education.

Mission & Values:

»To promote creation of knowledge rather than just acquistion.

»To develop high order thinking skills

»To promote integration of ICT in teaching-learning and governance of the students.

»To strive for excellence in the education system to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

»To train the pupil teachers to become reflective practioners.

»To prepare teachers for 21st century but rooted in Indian ethos, culture and values.

»To develop the institution as a centre of quality education so as to provide outstanding teachers with a perfect blend of human values and technical skills.


»To train prospective teachers through the curriculum based on emerging trends with a fusion of value orientation.

»To impart teacher training that prepare the students to meet the challenges of 21st century.

»To enable the students to address various issues prevalent in our society related to equity, access and quality.

»To promote generation of knowledge along with development of self, community and nation.

»To sensitize prospective with the issues concerning gender, religion, environment etc by making transaction of knowledge a fun filled-activity.

»To make academically strong teachers by introducing innovations in education.

»To promote vibrant environment leading to inculcation of high order thinking skills.

»To bridge the gap between the school, home and community.

»To grrom aspiring teachers not only for their subjective teaching but for applicatin of knowledge as well.

»To initiate future teachers into the process of transformation into evolved beings.